Emerson continues on the software development path. In brief: DeltaV Workflow Management delivers scalable recipe authoring and execution technologies for life sciences companies.

Global automation technology and software leader Emerson on April 16, 2024 introduced DeltaV Workflow Management, a next-generation software designed for life sciences companies in early-stage development. The new software continues Emerson’s expansion of capabilities of the evolving DeltaV automation platform to offer more scalable options to suit the needs of smaller life sciences innovators. For companies with limited IT infrastructure, DeltaV Workflow Management provides a cloud-based, software-as-a-service solution for simple recipe authoring, execution and electronic data capture.

DeltaV Workflow Management transitions recipe workflow data from manual records to digital “paper on glass,” providing a simple and scalable solution that helps accelerate the drug development process with no coding experience required. The software also generates searchable digital records that are easily organized and exported and data that can be more easily analyzed and reported. In addition, this digital shift minimizes the contamination risks associated with paper records in sterile clean rooms.

Within DeltaV Workflow Management, users employ simple drag-and-drop elements to create steps for a recipe and automate workflows that meet Good Manufacturing Practice standards. Within those steps, they can add new parameters and e-signature requirements for quality control and regulatory compliance, run product recipes, authorize users for specific tasks and create digital batch records.

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