While on the smaller, more flexible Process Control theme, let’s take a look at ABB. That company brought a new editor who came from industry up to the Cleveland suburbs to learn all about their newly designed process control system, the 800xA.

ABB says that as plants keep growing in complexity, the number of tags, and the diversity of field devices and instrumentation. The latest update, version 6.2, is said to reduce the complexity and cost of automation projects.

The design is said to enhance connectivity through improvements in OPC UA support, native Ethernet APL device integration, and the increased quantity of supported PROFINET devices to meet the growing number of network centric I/O and field devices.

Further, native, direct connectivity to PROFIsafe devices increases safety while reducing engineering, installation, and maintenance costs for SIS (Safety Instrumented System) installations.

The new Ethernet I/O marshalling tool makes it easier to distribute individual channels and modules between controllers for projects utilizing network I/O solutions such as Select I/O and S800 on Ethernet.

System 800xA 6.2 now supports the use of Microsoft Defender Antivirus to enhance cyber security while reducing the cost of automation system ownership.

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