We often imagine the customers of the large process control systems suppliers we probably think of large corporations who can (and sometimes do) acquire large and complex control systems. A vast part of the market consists of small to mid-sized companies. Sometimes it’s a large corporation but the various plants are small. A few of those were customers of mine back in the day.

Good to see Emerson addressing that market. They’ve introduced the DeltaV Flex System, a subscription service that combines the DeltaV PK Flex Controller, term-based software licensing, and product support in a packaged solution. The new solution provides more flexibility for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and process manufacturers who create small standalone systems, such as research and development labs, pilot programs, or skids. Subscription features reduce up-front costs and engineering complexity, which helps teams get projects started more quickly.

The DeltaV Flex System leverages Emerson’s DeltaV PK Flex Controller, with base packages starting at 50, 100 or 250 Flex device signal tags (DST). Users can also add DeltaV functionality as needed at any time to customize the DeltaV Flex System to meet their unique application and operational needs.

The DeltaV Flex System provides access to all the functionality of the DeltaV Distributed Control System, including support for PROFINET, DeltaV Live, multiple operation stations, version control and audit trail, full batch functionality, safety and more.

Because DeltaV Flex is a subscription solution, it also includes product support through Emerson’s Guardian digital experience, which offers a secure portal for connecting to technical assistance, managing subscriptions, and interacting with additional software and services tailored to meet users’ specific operational needs.

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