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Stuxnet and Siemens Updates

An article in Infoworld asks the question–Was Stuxnet built to attack Iran’s Nuclear Program? Thought provoking even if we’ll never know. Also, Wes Iversen has a news update from Siemens on the whole problem. You have to give Siemens credit for jumping on the situation immediately and keeping the community informed. Tough situation.

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Stuxnet Security raise ugly head again

I see via this article in Computerworld that Siemens has identified up to 14 locations of Stuxnet penetration. I’ll see if I can run down more information tomorrow. Just because this has been out of the headlines that doesn’t mean the threat is gone. Continue to review, upgrade and manage all your security policies and […]

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Byres Updates Stuxnet Security on SCADA

Eric Byres has updated his recommendations for security of SCADA systems from the Stuxnet worm as a result of the Microsoft patch. His revised white paper “Siemens PCS7 WinCC Malware” is available for download by all members now. (If you are not a member, you can become one by signing up. There is no charge […]

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Siemens Update

What an unfortunate situation where someone is exploiting a hole in Microsoft Windows, but the target happens to be using a software product from Siemens. But you have to give Siemens a ton of credit. A team of experts immediately jumped into the muck. They’ve found the hole, searched customers and found the infected one, […]

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Siemens Security Update Some Good News

I just received an update from Siemens Industry. Right now, the target appears to be Siemens (my guess is a particular target of “industrial espianage” but who knows). I would caution everyone, though to read this and take the steps to ensure you’re not introducing anything into your systems. Who knows who might be next? […]

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Latest Siemens Statement on Malware

Just in from Siemens Industry: “Siemens was notified about the malware program (Trojan) that is targeting the Siemens software Simatic WinCC and PCS 7 on July 14.  The company immediately assembled a team of experts to evaluate the situation and is working with Microsoft and the distributors of virus scan programs, to analyze the likely […]

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Siemens Statement on Malware Attack

I have received this statement from Siemens regarding the situation: “Siemens was notified about the virus that is affecting its Simatic WinCC SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems on July 14.  The company immediately assembled a team of experts to evaluate the situation.  Siemens is taking all precautions to alert its customers to the […]

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Siemens SCADA Security Byres Response

Welcome to Monday. If you are one of the hardy souls who check this site over the weekend, you know I’ve been following the story of a hack against Siemens WinCC and PCS7 platforms. I would suggest learning about this and taking precautions no matter whose system you use. Noted security expert Eric Byres has […]

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