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OpenStack Network and IoT

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about an open source hardware project for networked small controllers. Filament Tap began life as Pinoccio. The makers discovered a latent demand for these small, networked devices among manufacturers and decided to pivot away from the intended “maker” market to the industrial market. Given networking as a core […]

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Industrial Revolution Displayed at Hannover Messe 2015

In the rush of a lot of news and a vacation thrown in, I’m still digesting news from Hannover Messe in April. Microsoft had called and asked if I could stop by for an interview, but unfortunately I was not at Hannover. Below is a Microsoft blog post. The writer posits three industrial ages, and […]

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OPC Foundation Real-Time And Technology Partners

For being so quiet for so long, the OPC Foundation is certainly hitting the news often lately. There was news about a couple of open-source initiatives. Then the Foundation itself opened up a little with an “open-shared” program. Then it was announced as the communication platform of Industry 4.0 in Germany. Now a couple European […]

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Open Source Hardware for Industrial Control

 I’m on my way to Dallas and the Schneider Electric Automation conference. This would be the re-make of Foxboro user group–and it appears that the famous old Boston-area name that we seldom hear anymore, Modicon, will make an appearance, too. The most interesting information will be what Schneider has done to Foxboro/Triconex. The company has […]

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Technology Standards for Industrie 4.0 Include OPC

News about further adoption of OPC (www.opcfoundation.org) continued to flow from the recent Hannover Fair (Messe) in Germany. Things had gone dark for a period of time from the Foundation. This has changed over the past couple of weeks as the communication technology picks up momentum. The Platform Industrie 4.0 (I4.0) announced at Hannover Messe […]

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Industrial Automation Connectivity Activity Open Source or Not

I have been writing about some open source initiatives with OPC UA. I think it’s cool and long overdue that there is so much happening in the OPC world lately. See these: Open Source OPC UA Development Open Source OPC UA for Manufacturing Last week at Hannover, the OPC Foundation announced several items—including the promotion […]

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Enterprise-grade File Security for Confidential Collaboration

[ Updated] Wherever I go and with whomever I speak, file security in this age of Internet of Things, connected devices, collaboration, and open access is top priority. I just heard about this new company and technology who promises a higher level of file security. FinalCode Inc., enterprise file security for a connected world, announced […]

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Catching Up With ABB Automation and Power World

I was not able to attend ABB’s Automation and Power World this year. Too many places to go at the same time. However, someone I trust, Mehul Shah of LNS Research, was there and wrote his observations on the LNS blog. Mehul focuses on software and linked it to the Internet of Things. “The conference […]

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Cloud Platforms for Internet of Things

This past Monday, 3/16, Microsoft held its  Microsoft Convergence 2015 in Atlanta. There, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced the Azure IoT Suite. I think that cloud-based platforms supporting this Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon will proliferate for a while until we reach some sort of stability. Nadella came from this part of Microsoft, so I’m […]

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Yet Another View of Industry 4.0

A blog on the HP site by Christian Verstraete offers yet another opinion on Industry 4.0. However, he never really talks about Industry 4.0. Instead, he discusses the Internet of Things. Even though this is not “mainstream media,” it is still an example of sloppy thinking. Beware of Industry 4.0 Misinformation Verstraete first off confuses […]

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