Welcome back to work on Monday morning. And welcome a new Web site and hopefully a new movement. Check out Our ISA. All organizations seem to go through this at some point. Who owns it? The leadership and staff? Or the members? I’ve seen this many times. Well, many people from the rank and file of the International Society of Automation (ISA) have become much more vocal at what they see as the weakness of leadership facing the desperate situation of the society. Founder Jon DiPietro has written about using today’s social networking tools to reinvigorate the membership. This Website puts teeth in his ideas. The purpose, according to DiPietro, is, “Our ISA is a community of automation professionals discussing and debating the past, present, and future of the International Society of Automation. Anyone who has a point to make, a bone to pick, or a wrong to right can do it here. This site is not sponsored or moderated by ISA.  Members and non-members alike are welcome to contribute to Our ISA.”

Check it out. And the great opening post by Eoin O Riain. Participate and help get the organization moving.

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