I haven’t been keeping up with links to Greg as he keeps posting more thoughts on Modeling and Control. Now he is starting a seminar series. If you are an engineer or aspiring engineer in process control, you’ll find these a tremendous resource, I’m sure.

Read his post for the whole thing, but here’s his seminar dates:

Recorded Live Seminar and Demo Series

To attend the event, go to http://bit.ly/JC-LiveMeeting
Use the information below to connect (if you’re not using the available computer audio):
• Toll-free: +1 (877) 771-7176
• Toll: +1 (225) 383-1099
• Participant code: 264679

(1) PID Control of Sampled Measurements – April 7, Wed 1:00 CDT

(2) PID Control of Valve Sticktion and Backlash – April 21, Wed 1:00 CDT

(3) PID Control of Slow Valves and Secondary Loops – May 12, Wed 1:00 CDT

(4) Web Lab Access and Use Instructions – May 27, Thurs* 1:00 CDT
* – Thursday date is to avoid conflict with the World Batch Forum

(5) PID Tuning for Self-Regulating Processes – June 9, Wed 1:00 CDT

(6) PID Tuning for Integrating Processes – June 23, Wed 1:00 CDT

(7) PID Tuning for Runway Processes – July 14, Wed 1:00 CDT

(8) PID Control of Split Ranged Valves — July 21, Wed 1:00 CDT

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