Mitsubishi Electric Automation has been somewhat quietly building out a version of the connected manufacturing enterprise for several years. Known for machine control and motion control, it first made a splash by partnering with ILS Technology to develop e-F@ctory. This is connecting technology moving data from the control system to enterprise databases.

It recently announced an “e-F@ctory Alliance Program” that included several connectivity companies. It’s latest announcement is that eWON, which offers industrial VPN routers and Ethernet modems for remote access to PLCs and machines, is the newest member.

eWON devices allow original equipment manufacturers, systems integrators and end users to support their systems remotely. Consequently, eWON’s participation in the e-F@ctory Alliance Program gives Mitsubishi Electric’s customers greater options for anywhere, anytime access to their systems. eWON access options include remote HMI capability to monitor the machines using a built-in web server, data logging capabilities and alarming features.

As with all e-F@ctory Alliance Program products, Mitsubishi Electric has thoroughly tested the eWON solutions to ensure ease of implementation and compatibility with its own products. No programming of Mitsubishi Electric hardware is required to use eWON devices, other than setting the correct IP addresses.

“With the addition of eWON to our e-F@ctory Alliance Program, OEMs, systems integrators and end users can remotely access their systems across the globe,” said Robert Miller, senior manager, strategic collaborations and partnerships, Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. “This eliminates the need for an engineer’s on-site presence to access a system, saving both time and money.”

Mitsubishi Electric’s e-F@ctory Alliance Program is a third-party referencing program with other automation hardware and software vendors that allows customers to select solutions that best solve their automation challenges. Through pre-engineered integration, the latest technologies are easier to use and more cost effective. Complete documentation, including quick start guides, sample programs and maintenance screens when required, are available for each solution, drastically reducing the time necessary to implement and maintain the solutions.

eWON joins third-party hardware and software vendors Balluff, COGNEX, LEM®, MDT Software, eWON, Kepware Technologies, Ocean Data Systems – Dream Report, CC-Link Partner Association and Powerit Solutions in the Mitsubishi Electric Automation e-F@ctory Alliance Program.

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