Manuel Terrranova PeaxyPeaxy Inc. has announced the general availability of the Peaxy Hyperfiler, its hyper-scale data management system that enables enterprises to access and manage massive amounts of unstructured data without disrupting business operations.

For engineers and researchers who must search for datasets across multiple geographies, platforms and drives, accessing all the data necessary to inform the product lifecycle, from design to predictive maintenance, presents a major challenge. By making all data, regardless of quantity or location, immediately accessible via a consistent data path, companies will be able to dramatically accelerate their highly technical, data-intensive initiatives. These organizations will be able to manage data in a way that allows them to employ advanced analytics that have been promised for years but never truly realized.

“Over the years, we have amassed a very large range of datasets, dispersed over a heterogeneous architecture. Gaining fast, comprehensive access to all of these datasets is critical to our business processes,” said Anup Sharma, Global CIO, General Electric Oil & Gas. “The Hyperfiler aggregates all data in one place flexibly and unobtrusively, improving access and retrieval of key datasets to help drive engineering reuse.”

Using Hyperfiler, engineering teams engaged in technology innovation, risk mitigation, smart services and predictive maintenance will see significant gains in efficiency across the entire design and test cycle, which can encompass data that spans decades.

“Leading-edge research and engineering businesses understand that the key to faster innovation cycles and better productivity requires a rethink of how to store data for easy accessibility,” said Manuel Terranova, president and CEO at Peaxy. “We help these companies turn massive amounts of technical data into a readily findable asset—today, next week, next year or next decade—regardless of IT cycles. The companies we aim to serve initially have longer-term product lifecycles—they want to find and harvest the dataset over the long haul, often significantly more than 50 years.”

Terranova told me in an interview that productivity should not be undersold. An engineer can spend up to 45 minutes to 90 minutes per day searching for information.

Key product features include:

  • Scalability to tens of thousands of nodes enabling the creation of an exabyte-scale data infrastructure, in which performance scales in parallel with capacity
  • Fully distributed namespace and data space that eliminate data silos to make all data easily accessible and manageable
  • Simple, intuitive user interface built for engineers and researchers as well as for IT
  • Data tiered in storage classes based on performance, capacity and replication factor
  • Automated, policy-based data migration
  • Flexible, customizable data management
  • Remote, asynchronous replication to facilitate disaster recovery
  • Call home remote monitoring Software-based, hardware-agnostic architecture that eliminates proprietary lock-in
  • Addition or replacement of hardware resources with no down time

Peaxy is now making Hyperfiler available to the general public after a successful charter customer launch earlier this year. A version of the Hyperfiler that has been successfully beta tested on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Peaxy, Inc. was founded in 2012 by a group of longtime software industry and industrial R&D experts dedicated to solving the problems surrounding the enormous growth in unstructured data.

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