Several executives from Schneider Electric over the past few years and Invensys executives early this year discussed with me their approach to integrating acquired properties. In the distant past Schneider had difficulty integrating new companies leading to much politics and infighting.

Many of us are quite surprised, to be honest, how the integration of Invensys software (Wonderware, Avantis, SimSci) has gone thus far. There is positive energy. Optimism. Investment. Stability of top management.

And a further stroke of genius–the previously divided divisions of software and process control are now reporting into completely separate groups within Schneider. No more infighting between the Foxboro people and software people. (The downside for me is that any discussion of the former Invensys always drove my readership to new highs.)

One highlight of the week is always the announcement of the winners of the customer excellence awards. Customers submit applications and papers describing an application of one or more of the [now] Schneider products. I have judged the papers in the past (not this year) and love to read about the creativity and successes of people using and applying the technology.

2014 Excellence Awards

  • Asset Excellence – Shell Chemical using Avantis software
  • HMI/Supervisory Control Excellence – Aena for an airport application in Barcelona
  • Manufacturing Operations Management Excellence – F&N, Thailand
  • Operational Excellence – Campbell Soup
  • Optimization Simulation Excellence – Chevron
  • Production Information Excellence – Carpenter
  • Pinnacle Award (overall winner) – Chevron

Congratulations to all.

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