MOM Chronicles: ISA95 Best Practices

MOM Chronicles: ISA95 Best Practices

The International Society of Automation (ISA) Publications Department has awarded Charlie Gifford the Thomas G. Fisher Award of Excellence for a Standards-Based Reference Publication. The book, which Gifford assembled and edited, is “The MOM Chronicles: ISA-95 Best Practices Book 3.0”.

I have the book and highly recommend it to all who are trying to understand and implement the ideas and models of ISA95—the international standard for the integration of enterprise and control systems. Charlie is an internationally respected practitioner and teacher on manufacturing operations management (MOM).

Charlie offers this comment on the honor, “I sincerely thank ISA for this prominent award named for a distinguished man, Tom Fisher. As Primary Contributing Author and Chief Editor, I accept this award for all 50 contributing expert authors and reviewers of the ISA-95 Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) Best Practices Working Group. This is the 2nd time the working group’s work products have been recognized for this award. In 2011, ‘When World Collide in Manufacturing Operations, Book 2.0’ was also selected. ISA continues to support the group’s work products of 23 applied technology white papers and 3 books. These documents enable manufacturing systems professionals worldwide to become a primary reference resource over the last 10 years.”

Here is a glimpse into MOM Chronicles:

  • Chapter 1: Applying Global MOM Systems in a Manufacturing 2.0 Approach
  • Chapter 2: The Role of Semantic Models in Smarter Industrial Operations
  • Chapter 3: Applying Manufacturing Operations Models in a Discrete Hybrid Manufacturing Environment
  • Chapter 4: Defining an Operations Systems Architecture
  • Chapter 5: A Workflow-driven Approach to MOM
  • Chapter 6: Scheduling Integration Using an ISA-95 Application in a Steel Plant
  • Chapter 7: Intelligent Integration Interface: I3, A Real-world Application of ISA-95

Here’s a glimpse into When Worlds:

  • Chapter 1: SOA for Manufacturing Overview
  • Chapter 2: Data Architecture for MOM: The Manufacturing Master Data Approach
  • Chapter 3: Building a Manufacturing Transformation Strategy with ISA-95 Methods
  • Chapter 4: Work Process Management for Adaptive Manufacturing
  • Chapter 5: B2MML, Integration Patterns, and Data Mapping
  • Chapter 6: Integration of Manufacturing Intelligence with MOM
  • Chapter 7: Lifecycle of Service Creation using the ISA-95 MOM

Charlie Gifford, PMP, is General Manager & Senior Advanced Manufacturing Consultant at Intelligent Manufacturing Institute, 21st Century Manufacturing Solutions LLC.

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