A couple of weeks ago I wrote about an Open Source SCADA project for Wonderware ArchestrA developers.

Recently Toby Dials wrote to me about a project he has started somewhat along the same lines. Here is his note to me.

I read your post in the Wonderware Experience LinkedIn group about the new aaOpenSource site that Andy and Eliot have put together.  As these things usually happen, I had also been developing a site with a similar idea in mind – created in April of this year.

I worked for a Wonderware distributor for the last 17 years, and decided I wanted to focus on the SCADA products as a consultant, and part of that process led me to the creation of a website that would help make SCADA developer’s lives easier.  The idea is that there are so many little things that were hard for me to remember, and I’d have to spend time looking them up over and over.  Now, I can store them on one site so that others can use it as a reference site too.  I’m slowly adding A2 objects and graphics as well – this is the part of my site this is most similar to their idea.

It isn’t a site for open source tools necessarily, but more so tips/tools/code/graphics for developers.  Since my background is all Wonderware, that is the main focus of the site, but the structure is in place for adding content from experts with other software vendors.

This is all so cool. I haven’t heard much in the line of community development since the Linux PLC project on SourceForge sort of died a long, slow death. Good work, guys.

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