While I was attending the Inductive Automation conference this week, two other conferences were in session. Carl Henning commented briefly about the Profibus/Profinet meeting. Hopefully more later.

I didn’t hear about the Wonderware industrial software conference until the first of August, and that information was sketchy at best. Received an invitation in mid-month. Too late for planning.

The press team released a couple of press releases around the conference. The main one being an update to Wonderware Intelligence–an analytics engine essential for making the Internet of Things useful.

Aaron Hand had a report yesterday at Automation World on Sr. VP (was president before the Schneider acquisition when they put a French guy in charge, now, who knows) Ravi Gopinath’s “keynote.” Interestingly, organizers put the keynote last instead of first. And the pre-show focus was on a keynote by Terry Bradshaw.

Gopinath took 15 minutes according to Hand to try to allay fears that the pending spinoff of Wonderware (and SimSci and Avantis) into the new company run by Aveva but 51% owned by Schneider would be bad for the company and for users.

Evidently there was no Q&A time for editors (any that were there, anyway) to probe the meaning of the layoffs we’ve been picking up from LinkedIn and other sources. The editor rumor mill has it that there will be continuing high-level (and other) layoffs periodically for some time.

Gopinath continued the party line that Schneider is still investing in product development. But he acknowledged efforts continue to bring all the disparate elements of Schneider’s acquisitions together.

Meanwhile a friend who attended as an integrator told me that from the integrator point of view it was a useful conference.

A member of the Software press relations team suggested that maybe if we had cloning perfected, then I could make all these. Now that’s a scary thought!

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