The Internet of Things (IoT), or specifically the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), is all the rage right now. All companies want to be seen to be developing it. Or using it. I’ve even seen some standards bodies ask how their standards reflect the Internet of Things.

There are some problems here. No one really knows what the Internet of Things is. Maybe because all the analysts (including me) are rushing to be the one to provide the definitive definition. I’ve been discussing “ecosystem” to describe the phenomenon in its entirety. Recently I saw another analyst also use the term.

Further, there are no standards. If you don’t know what it is, then there can be no standards. However, it is built upon standards. IP communications, for example.

Kepware Technologies is taking a stab at the situation. It announced Dec. 8 the launch of its IoT Alliance program. The alliance is composed of a strategic network of IoT solutions providers that are committed to growing the global IoT market potential and shaping the direction of industry through smart technology, thought leadership, and marketing initiatives. Alliance members will have access to proprietary technology from Kepware that enables their respective solutions to access industrial data from the industry’s communications platform, KEPServerEX.

“The IoT Alliance has the potential to be a disruptive force in the Industrial Automation market,” said Tony Paine, CEO, Kepware. “By collaborating closely with Kepware and fellow alliance members, we have the capability to release new, innovative, and proven solutions—reducing risk and accelerating time to market. This translates to tangible IoT solutions for our customers.”

Kepware offers IoT Alliance members a connected network of more than 40 technology partners, 80 system integrators, and 90 Kepware resellers operating in more than 100 countries. By establishing relationships between alliance members and existing partners, Kepware aims to introduce members to new markets and opportunities. Furthermore, the alliance offers members proprietary insight into Kepware’s product road map and creates a safe environment for interoperability and proof of concept testing.

Kepware recently released the IoT Gateway for KEPServerEX, which streams industrial data into Cloud and on-premise solutions for real-time analytics.

The initial Alliance partners are:

  • Aizoon – sells Consulting Services in IT, Innovation for business, Engineering, Process and Organization, Cyber Security, IoT, Smart Factory
  • Altizon – created an Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) Platform with special focus on Manufacturing and CleanTech (Energy) Sectors
  • DeviceLynk – embraces Industrial IoT technology by creating informative dashboards that are cloud based and capable of collecting and visualizing data from any connected device
  • Falkonry – enables analysts to produce real-time condition predictions from complex sensor datasets
  • Informatica – delivers enterprise data integration and management software powering analytics for big data and cloud
  • IOT Technology Solutions – provides product management resources and customer teams that deliver the complete definition, architecture, design, coding, testing and deployment of an IoT platform, solution or product
  • Mnubo – it’s SmartObjects service transforms ‘connected things’ into ‘smart objects’. Its focus is to help extract true value from sensor data by delivering advanced real-time analytics, strategic insights and enabling richer applications
  • Perseus – provider of managed services for high-precision, high-speed, high-performance applications
  • Splunk – operational intelligence platform that allows customers to search, monitor, analyze and visualize machine data
  • ThingWorx – A PTC company providing connectivity solutions


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