Here is my 150th podcast. I’m back on the theme of personal development–how people affect you. The source is Dr. Henry Cloud’s latest book The Power of the Other.

Research reveals that the types of connections we have with others affects our performance. Cloud intersperses research with examples from his practice to drive the point home.

Cloud discusses what makes for a “Corner Four” connection. This type of connection with people fleshes out just what we’d like to be and to experience in our relationships.

  • Connection that fuels.
  • Connection that gives freedom.
  • Connection that requires responsibility.
  • Connection that defangs failure and learning.
  • Connection that challenges and pushes.
  • Connection that builds structure.
  • Connection that unites instead of divides.
  • Connection that is trustworthy.

This is like a check list. But we can’t just follow a list. We make the list part of us reflected in the quality of relationships. Then by referring back from time to time during quiet time, we can remind ourselves where we’ve fallen short and need to improve.


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