Several companies are beginning to get on the podcast bandwagon. Good for them. I’ve subscribed to a few. Here’s one I just found out about. Actually, I found out about it because I’m featured on its latest podcast called The Plant.

This podcast is from the Thin Manager group within Rockwell Automation. This is the former ACP that was acquired by Rockwell a couple of years ago. I’d known that company from its first years.

The product and technology consists of thin clients. I balked a little at first because my roots were with the old centralized computing architecture where you just had a terminal–if you were lucky. You were stuck with whatever IT gave you, and heaven help you if you asked for anything more.

The thin client paradigm gave users much more power and flexibility yet gave IT much more ability for such things as version control and security. Sort of a “best of both worlds” of centralized IT and flexible PCs.

Give it a listen.

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