This news is a bit old dating from the end of September. Last year during “normal” times, there was a lull of a couple of months in news of upgrades and new things. This year during “not-so-normal” times, I’ve been flooded with releases, conversations, virtual events, and even some work.

This release discusses another virtual learning program. This week I reported on advances in the Honeywell Process training technology and program. In the days when I was traveling, I visited the Emerson training center for updates on its virtual training program. And there have been others—Bedrock Automation, Inductive Automation, and more. This release begins with the tease-line “Pre-pandemic reports had virtual learning growth approaching $330B in the next two years (obviously, that’ll increase).”

Indeed, I’m encouraged at the advances. I first saw computer-based education ideas when I attended a National School Boards Association conference in the mid-80s while an elected school board member. As a geek, I was less-than-impressed. Things have improved.

This release is from the IT side of the Manufacturing Connection—IT company Neotys has implemented an on-demand, virtual training program with IT company and training innovator OrasiLabs.

Performance tester revamps education, delivery with Orasi’s cloud-based learning platform

Orasi, a DevSecOps innovator accelerating software application delivery and adoption through automation, unveiled momentum details from its virtual training engagement with Neotys. With OrasiLabs, the train anyone, anywhere, anytime cloud-based hands-on learning platform by Orasi, Neotys implemented a flexible, scalable, hands-on virtual learning experience that empowered Neotys to increase revenue, and deliver training to teams, customers and partners, for its performance testing solutions.

When COVID-19 mandated Neotys to adopt a remote workforce culture, Neotys needed to swiftly augment its traditional, in-person training approach with a modern, virtual, on-demand model.

“Neotys’ global, mobile workforce demanded a more flexible, superior education experience than Zoom-style environments, which always seemed to fall short of the hands-on learning required,” said Bill Nicholson, VP of Customer Success in North America for Neotys. “Given the constant evolution of technologies we ask employees to know, use and train customers and partners on, Neotys needed a virtual training platform that made it easy for instructors to facilitate learning for anyone, from anywhere, at any time.”

“Given the shift to working remotely, and the pressing need for organizations to quickly educate employees, customers and partners on ever-changing technologies, virtual learning industry growth is on the rise,” said David Hand, VP for Orasi. “Demand is high for collaborative learning environments that speed retention and productivity, while reducing the inefficiency and cost of traditional teaching methods.”

OrasiLabs is an AWS cloud-native, comprehensive learning lab to train and collaborate with groups of any size, in any location, with minimal manual effort. It enables companies to deliver the highest quality content without wasting time configuring complex training environments. Employees achieve maximum knowledge retention and rapidly apply what they learn.

“OrasiLabs was quick and efficient to implement, as each student employee, customer or partner needed only a computer and Internet connection to participate,” said Nicholson. “Security was fast to establish, quality content was simple to provide, and the advanced over-the-shoulder teacher/student collaboration feature allowed students to immediately absorb information and foster ongoing communication.”

OrasiLabs revolutionized how Neotys manages training and development worldwide, expanding Neotys’ ability to bring and sell performance testing products to the market. Neotys has seen an increase in positive feedback for virtual training as compared to in-person training and a consistent rise in student ratings since it started using OrasiLabs. OrasiLabs saves time, reduces overhead costs and automates processes to simplify the delivery of application training, and provides an enhanced learning experience for everyone. Visit for a 14-day free

Orasi is a DevSecOps innovator enabling the acceleration, security and adoption of software applications through automation. Working with world-class partners, Orasi provides solutions and services that offer full lifecycle support and integration to ensure confident delivery of transformative applications. Headquartered in Kennesaw, GA, Orasi works with hundreds of global brands, including Fortune 500 companies, in a variety of industries. Orasi has been recognized multiple times as a “Top Workplace” by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. For more information visit us at www.orasi.comor at Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Neotys is a leading innovator in load testing and performance testing for Web and Mobile applications. It has nearly 15 years of development investment into NeoLoad – the performance testing platform designed to accelerate Agile and DevOps processes. For more information about Neotys or NeoLoad, visit: or contact [email protected].

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