You are probably doing a double take. Gary is writing about servo motors? My next post is on the Dunning-Kruger effect where you hit a point of your perceived knowledge far exceeds your actual knowledge and then the collapse to feeling you know nothing followed by a slow ascent to knowing there’s more to know.

Once upon a time, I had some knowledge of servo motors. I have not studied that technology for many years. Then this news release came my way with a request to help the company publicize its new product. I have nothing more to say. It looks interesting, but I no longer have market knowledge. Check it out if you’re building something that requires this form factor.

IQ Motion Control designs and delivers high performance motor modules for robotic and industrial applications. The company’s proprietary technology was born out of the University of Pennsylvania’s robotics lab and combines unique hardware designs with innovative calibration and control software to achieve high end motor performance at an affordable cost.

IQ Motion Control is excited to announce the launch of their newest line of servo motors, the Fortiq BLS42, on May 25, 2021. The Fortiq BLS42 is an ultracompact, high performance servo motor. It consists of a straight stack, straight magnet BLDC motor with an integrated motor controller, and magnetic rotary encoder for position sensing. It is built to maximize torque and speed output, while minimizing motor vibration and footprint. The modules are currently available for pre-order on Crowd Supply.

IQ’s Fortiq module offers the performance benefits of high-end industrial servos at the price of a quality stepper motor and controller. The Fortiq BLS42 motors are rated to 4,000 RPM, have ±2 encoder tick accuracy, experience a 90% reduction in cogging torque ripple with IQ’s calibration software, and have 50% less volume and are 70% less expensive compared to traditional industrial servo motors. There are also 4 size options available for users, each with a different torque rating which is dependent on stack length.

The Fortiq BLS42 is intended for industrial machinery companies, research institutions, and individual makers. It can be used in a wide variety of applications from 3D printers to conveyor belts to robotic joints. The Fortiq product line will replace traditional industrial servo motors by offering superior performance in a significantly smaller package. IQ Motion Control’s launch of the Fortiq BLS42 is the next step in bringing the most advanced motor control technology to the robotics and industrial machinery industry.

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