Bedrock Automation Founder, CEO and CTO Albert Rooyakkers and I have had several energetic discussions regarding the open, secure, and automation pillars of the Bedrock Automation control solution. I always ask founders and CEOs in this market how they think they can possibly upend the leaders. In this case, independent observers tell me that Bedrock has found a niche within certain industry segments that require its specific benefits.

This news release points to a recent software upgrade making it easier to configure and run open applications inside the “Open Secure Automation” (OSA) controllers, simplify and improve SCADA redundancy, enable TLS support for MQTT Sparkplug, expand universal EtherNet/IP capacity, simplify flow meter proving, and assist in diagnosing large motors.

A quick aside—Sparkplug is an open information model standard developed by MQTT evangelists that I would label as “OPC UA lite”. Check out Cirrus Link for better and more detailed descriptions.

The new firmware affects the Bedrock OSA control system, the OSA Remote control system, Universal Ethernet module (UE5), and the OSA Remote +Flow measurement and control system.

The new Bedrock firmware enhancements move redundancy management from the SCADA system client to the Bedrock controller firmware. This enables seamless and flawless failover while simplifying SCADA configuration. The SCADA software then needs to point to only one IP address and the Bedrock controllers will find the active path automatically.

This software release improves throughput and diagnostics for the Bedrock Ethernet gateway modules. It includes both status and diagnostic information from EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP devices connected to a Bedrock Universal Ethernet I/O module (UE5).

New control firmware in the Bedrock OSA Remote supports the J1939 and CANopen CAN bus communication standard, which extends open secure automation for control and factory automation. Using J1939 CAN bus, for example, the Bedrock OSA Remote can be configured as an RTU to read RPMs from large motors to diagnose performance.

The Bedrock OSA Remote +Flow computer application now supports K-Factor and meter factor linearization with user-entered linearization curves. The OSA +Flow now also supports double chronometry for select high speed counter channels. The OSA +Flow application takes advantage of this new feature to support meter proving using displacement provers, including small volume provers.

All software will be standard on all relevant systems immediately. All current Bedrock OSA users can upgrade remotely at no charge.

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