MQTT is a de facto standard transport protocol in the IT world for communications. Cirrus Link and partners have been expanding the use for IoT in industrial applications. Along the way the Sparkplug information model was developed to assist the communication. This announcement adds Microsoft Azure to the portfolio.

  • Automatically connect MQTT Sparkplug models to Azure to accelerate industrial IoT time-to-value
  • Cirrus Link announced availability of the IoT Bridge for Microsoft Azure available on the Azure Marketplace, which connects standard MQTT Sparkplug data models to Azure Digital Twin and updates data changes to Azure Data Explorer for time series data. 
  • Cirrus Link developed the IoT Bridge, a software widget based on Sparkplug that converts OT data to IT data automatically with zero coding required. 
  • Without the IoT Bridge, companies have typically spent thousands of consulting dollars building customized coded solutions that are not scalable and end in catastrophe as a lost cause.
  • Consumes MQTT Sparkplug data (data model and tags)
  • Auto-creates data models to Azure Digital Twin
  • Auto-discovers data assets
  • Pushes tag data to Azure Digital Twin and Azure Data Explorer
  • Requires no programming or code
  • Customers can download and install the IoT Bridge software and within 30 minutes they can automatically have data in Microsoft Azure. The IoT Bridge takes OT data and points it to IT quickly and easily with an open standard approach.
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