Some writers expound upon autonomous—machines and processes that run themselves, machines and processes that are self-diagnosing and self-healing, elimination of humans from manufacturing.

I disagree (or my favorite phrase from my high school years, “I beg to differ.”). We should be enhancing the human-to-process or human-to-machine collaboration. In so doing, we should be enhancing the role of the human. Promoting collaboration, creativity, ideas, innovation that only comes from thinking humans.

At least by 1995 I was configuring ways to propose to my customers ways to replace paper-based production and maintenance systems with digital equivalents. So, when a PR person sent a product release with the title “Why Ditch Paper Processes?”, I was transported Forward to the Past, so to speak.

The company is Beekeeper, a Swiss-based company founded in 2012 to enhance the experiences of the front-line worker. They have released a new maintenance workflow product. Here are some points:

  • Paper processes slow workflows down and increase disruptions.
  • Sharing information with the team is difficult when it’s kept on a sheet of paper. 
  • Facilities teams need continuity of workflows from one shift to the next which is difficult when information is siloed and fragmented on multiple pieces of paper.
  • Poor maintenance management can lead to more downtime, higher repair costs, and loss of productivity.
  • Companies that rely on paper documentation and manual maintenance and inspection workflows grapple with data accuracy, problems with efficiency, and information accessibility. This impacts consistency and safety, can lead to more errors, and eventually impact a company’s productivity and revenue. 

Beekeeper’s Maintenance and Inspections is a mobile-first solution for paperless workflows for frontline teams. 

By switching paper workflows to digital ones with the Maintenance and Inspections package, frontline workers can: 

  • Decrease downtime and disruptions
  • Stay compliant with easy tracking and automatic documentation
  • Ensure maintenance tasks are completed correctly and consistently to reduce the frequency of accidents, repairs, and unplanned breakdowns
  • Shorten the time between detecting and fixing potential hazards and the amount of time it takes to fix the hazard/time to resolution
  • Optimize your maintenance management process to reduce overall maintenance costs and enhance workplace safety
  • Use real-time checklist tracking so everyone knows jobs completed and issues addressed to avoid redundancy
  • Upload images to Beekeeper of maintenance issues or repairs for documentation
  • Enable managers to easily assign and track tasks
  • Have immediate access to all resources they need to complete tasks
  • Report safety hazards right away 
  • Save time and reduce miscommunication with smart management software. Automatically translate all content into your employees’ preferred language.
  • Get up-to-the-minute data on who is reading your posts, message delivery confirmation, and employee engagement statistics to improve manufacturing processes.
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