I told the Honeywell public relations person that the company was certainly keeping them busy.  Before I could consider one release, here came another. Some of these news items are extensions from things I covered from the Honeywell User Group meeting in June. This is a company I heard little from for a few years that has suddenly shown great signs of life.

  • • Honeywell testing and battery manufacturing
  • Quantum Encrypted Meters
  • Safety Watch and Real-time Location Systems

MXP Digitalization System

Honeywell’s MXP is an end-to-end digitalization solution designed specifically for the unique needs of battery manufacturing. When paired with Arbin’s systems, the MXP optimizes dynamic performance assessment and lithium-ion battery cell formation and finishing. Real-time data analytics enable fast performance feedback to predecessor operations for confirmations, refinements, and quality corrections.

“Honeywell’s advanced autonomous formation systems will enable lithium-ion battery manufacturers to accelerate the world’s transition to renewables and electrification by increasing yields of their facilities,” said Brian Reynolds, Chief Technology Officer of Honeywell Projects & Automation Systems. “Collaborating with Arbin allows Honeywell to provide an end-to-end approach for gigafactory operators in need of cost effective, quality battery production.”

Arbin Instruments is a global leader in manufacturing test equipment for batteries and other energy storage applications. They invest nearly half their profits back into R&D to set industry trends and stay ahead of the competition. Arbin Instruments has offices around the world in Germany, China, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan, along with their headquarters in College Station, TX.

Honeywell Supports New Battery Gigafactory

Honeywell announced that American Battery Factory (ABF), a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery cell manufacturer, is fully integrating Honeywell’s automation and process safety solutions in its new gigafactory located in Tucson, Ariz.

At approximately 2 million square feet, the facility will be the largest gigafactory to produce LFP battery cells in the United States upon completion. Energy storage systems made from ABF’s battery cell production will be available to households, businesses and utilities, allowing them to optimize their use of energy from the grid or from their own systems.

The Arizona gigafactory will integrate Honeywell’s Manufacturing Excellence Platform, Experion® Batch, and Integrated Remote operations to help ABF optimize its manufacturing process and workflow. Honeywell’s innovative solutions will allow ABF to visualize and control their battery production process in real-time — from mixing, coating and assembly to storage and distribution. Honeywell’s technologies will also streamline and improve the collection of operations data while gathering insights about upcoming tasks or potential delays for operators. The results: improved yields, reduced waste and the achievement of more energy-efficient and cost-effective battery production.

Quantum Computing Encryption for Meters

Honeywell announced that it is the first company to integrate quantum-computing-hardened encryption keys into smart utility meters, helping protect end-user data from advanced cybersecurity threats. Honeywell will utilize Quantinuum’s Quantum Origin technology to help increase reliability and trust in the digitally transforming utilities sector.

The enhanced security utility meters set a new benchmark protecting against data breaches and help ensure the uninterrupted operation of gas, water, and electricity utilities infrastructure for both residential and commercial applications.

Quantinuum’s Quantum Origin offers an advantage over traditional solutions by generating keys through quantum-computing-enhanced randomness, making them truly unpredictable and significantly enhancing data security for utilities’ end users.

National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month in the United States – a chance to raise awareness about the importance of preparing for disasters and emergencies that could happen at any time.

Extreme weather is becoming more and more common across the world – heavy rains and flooding, wildfires and their resulting smoke, hurricanes, heat waves, and more can be found in the news daily. With extreme weather a guaranteed part of our future, companies must prioritize disaster preparedness and plans to key their employees safe.

Natural disasters have a direct impact on communities and their workers. According to a recent survey, 27% of respondents cited they, or someone they know, have experienced harm from severe weather events. With a direct opportunity for weather events to impact employee health and safety, companies must put a plan in place for impending natural disasters.

During emergency situations, Honeywell Safety Watch, a Real Time Location Solution (RTLS), offers an automated solution for faster mustering, reducing mustering time from hours to only minutes. Safety Watch enables tracking of non-mustered workers and location of key emergency support staff, enabling faster search and rescue during an emergency.

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