People have been moaning about Boomers leaving the workforce and a coming worker gap for 20 years. Perhaps the time has arrived? How is your hiring of young people going?

Now, I know that you can’t really evaluate each candidate by what marketing-designated generation they were born into. However, consider some statistics gathered by a data company who performed an analysis of TikTok and Google search data.

Few arenas of life reveal as much as youth sports does about—parents. I remember my own good times and, with much chagrin, my bad ones. Thirty-five years working as a referee in youth and high school soccer revealed the growing trend of “helicopter” parents who hovered over their kids to protect them and “snow plow” parents who tried to pave the way for them. If these results don’t reveal what happens to kids entering the workforce after experiencing life as the recipient of helicopter or snow plow parenting, I’ve lost the ability to observe and analyze.

Job Shift Shock is the most popular work trend with a total 1.7B TikTok views and nearly 121K monthly searches on Google. The trend leads the list as it describes the transition from initial excitement of beginning a new job to the disappointment of unexpected responsibilities.

Quiet Quitting ranks as the second most popular trend, having 1.1B views on TikTok and over 612.5K searches on Google. This trend’s place in the list is secured by the increasing cost of living and workers’ dissatisfaction with their salaries or job conditions.

I can think of few clearer signals about what happens to young people when they have always had someone there to smooth the way for them. I remember hiring a young man recently graduated from university. He wondered how long (a year or two?) before he would be in line to be president of the company.

So, how is your hiring going? Must you cope with these entrants? Can you screen them out?

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