Remember when AI was hidden, buried deep within the program? Now a marketer is derelict in duty when not promoting AI in the product. Not to say it isn’t beneficial. Just that there’s more to it, we hope, than AI meaning that it solves a real problem.

This news is from ServiceNow. Their solutions span broader industries than manufacturing. I have parsed the news for what is relevant to me.

ServiceNow announced new purpose-built solutions for the manufacturing industry to help power faster, more efficient operations and better employee experiences. Manufacturing Commercial Operations (MCO) incorporates generative AI (GenAI) to streamline sales, service and support, and order-to-cash processes. Employee Center (EC) Pro Kiosk brings intelligent self-service experiences to deskless workers, making it easy for them to access company communications, relevant resources, and seamlessly navigate hire-to-retire processes.

Manufacturing Commercial Operations is built on top of ServiceNow Customer Service Management and Sales and Order Management. It offers a single, generative AI-powered solution for order exceptions, dealer operations, customer service and support, order-to-cash operations, and product and quality management. It seamlessly integrates with manufacturers’ existing systems to help make work easier, faster, and more transparent.

Capabilities within Manufacturing Commercial Operations allow manufacturers to:

Transform field operations: MCO integrates with ServiceNow Field Service Management, making it easy for manufacturers to deliver proactive, preventative maintenance and dispatch and route technicians to the right work to fix problems fast. If a customer reports an equipment issue, customer service teams can quickly log the problem and deploy a field technician with the necessary knowledge, skills, and equipment to manage the task – all from within MCO. Real-time updates are sent to the technician’s mobile device, including the customer’s location and details about the product model, helping ensure that the technician has the necessary information and assets for their visit, reducing downtime and solving problems as efficiently as possible.

Employee Center Pro Kiosk is an intelligent self-service walk-up experience that provides a front door for everything the manufacturing factory worker needs, from requesting time off, to reviewing benefits, asking a payroll question, or accessing the latest company news and information. With EC Pro Kiosk – part of ServiceNow HR Service Delivery – employees can access critical company information and applications via a kiosk on the manufacturing floor by scanning a QR code on a personal phone or through personalized SMS messages. By bridging the communication gap between the employee and the company, leaders can help ensure deskless workers are in the loop on important updates or decisions and have the resources they need to stay informed and receive support, improving employee engagement.

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