Emissions management relates to many things. Ecology, cleaning the environment, climate change. In an industrial context, I think it is the essence of Lean—reduction of waste. That is a business value as well as other values. Honeywell has added many products and services over the past few years. This one is interesting.

Honeywell and Weatherford on May 9 announced a partnership to deliver a comprehensive emissions management solution for the energy industry. The agreement combines Honeywell’s emissions management suite with Weatherford’s Cygnet SCADA platform, providing customers with a powerful tool to monitor, report, and take measures to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, flammable hydrocarbons, and other potentially dangerous and toxic gases.

The integrated solution enables upstream oil and gas operators to track emissions data in near real-time, identify and address potential issues, and meet regulatory requirements. The collaboration also provides customers with access to advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, helping them make data-driven decisions to reduce emissions, improve environmental performance and meet their environmental goals.

The collaboration is part of Honeywell’s broader effort to help the energy industry reduce its environmental footprint. In addition, it also further supports Honeywell’s alignment of its portfolio with three compelling megatrends, including the energy transition.

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