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The Next Manufacturing Revolution Is Happening In Our Hands

The most important news of the summer in manufacturing had nothing to do directly with manufacturing. Apple and IBM are collaborating. This is a significant evolution of cultures. In the beginning, Apple portrayed itself as the anti-IBM. Now, neither makes most of its money from personal computers. IBM makes money from enterprise software and services. […]

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Reorganization Among Leaders, Divisions At Honeywell

Last week just before leaving for the Honeywell User Group (HUG) in San Antonio, I wrote about the news that Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) had a new leader—Vimal Kapur, promoted from HPS vice president of marketing. Later I received a press release along with some conversation about more changes within Honeywell leadership and division structure. […]

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Infor Acquires PeopleAnswers

I found this analysis on the MintJutras blog written by Cindy Jutras. She covers Enterprise Resource Planning, something I seldom get into. But this news has some interesting implications. We discuss people recruitment and development often in manufacturing. Here is a trend that holds the possibility of a tool that can help manufacturing managers perform […]

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Fieldbus Foundation Announces Usability Enhancements to Its Industrial Network Specification

This news is a welcome bit of progress. The Fieldbus Foundation has announced the latest updates to its open Foundation fieldbus technical specifications. The new features will enhance the usability of Foundation technology, with the ultimate goal of making the digital fieldbus automation experience easier than conventional analog control systems. The updated version of the […]

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The Manufacturing Connection

OPC Foundation Adds New Member

Before I had even set foot into Emerson Exchange a couple of weeks ago, I ran into an old acquaintance—Roy Kok. He has held several marketing positons over the 15 or so years I’ve known him. He’s now VP, Sales and Marketing at Ocean Data Systems, developers of Dream Report—an interesting reporting tool. I saw […]

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