Ford CEO Alan Mulally discusses importance of manufacturing.

Ford CEO Alan Mulally

Just saw an update from the Smart Manufacturing Blog regarding the Smart Manufacturing Summit CEO roundtable. Here’s an article from CEO magazine about the summit.

The blog post quotes Keith Nosbusch, CEO of Rockwell Automation, which cosponsored a CEO roundtable discussion at the Smart Manufacturing Summit, “The combination of automation and information is the next wave of productivity.”

Nosbusch stressed that real-time feedback from the consumer will allow manufacturers to apply that information quickly on the plant floor to change what they’re making. “That seamless integration of the enterprise, the supply chain and the plant floor is becoming the next wave of competitive differentiation,” he said.

Check out the blog. Smart Manufacturing encompasses many things, but at the heart is the integration of IT and automation technologies to improve manufacturing processes, profitability, and strategic importance.

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