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Leadership Training–Just BS?

On my other blog, I write about leadership regularly on Fridays. I saw an article that came through an email newsletter that spurred some thinking. See if you relate to this. You got shipped off to some type of leadership training. Maybe it was for work. Maybe for church. Maybe for another type of organization. […]

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Sustainable Leadership

There is leadership for a brief season. Then there is sustainable leadership. Take a look at Bill Hybels at Willow Creek Community Church or Andy Stanley at Northpoint Community Church for example. Forget theology for the moment. These guys have staying power as leaders. I’d suggest checking out Stanley’s Leadership podcasts. There is one a […]

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Dysfunctional Teams

Some of my work is with leaders who wish to develop further as leaders, people who should be leaders and want to be, or with leaders who are frustrated building teams. Patrick Lencioni was recommended as a must-read author several years ago. Finally got around to reading Five Dysfunctions of a Team. Recommended. The first […]

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Building Creative Teams

Every week (almost) people who subscribe to my special email newsletter (you can do that by entering your email on the right side of the Web page) get an additional insight either on the industry or something relating to leadership. Recently I shared thoughts from Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the […]

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Goals are Overrated, Substitute Energy for Passion

Mention Dilbert and the picture of smart, but socially inept, engineers mocking managers and executives pops immediately into mind. Being slightly self-mocking, Scott Adams, who created and draws the cartoon, Adams described himself who: is not a very good artist not a very good businessman (has more than 36 failed businesses) is never the funnies […]

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Workforce Training Plus Pinto on Big Data

I took 10 days off to go on vacation in Europe. I tried to write ahead, but ran out of time. So last week I reposted several older items. We did the Danube cruise on Viking (you can see its ads on Masterpiece Mystery on PBS) from Nuremberg to Budapest–two of my favorite cities. Three […]

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Lure of Lifestyle or Managing Simply

One thing about living most of my life in the same small city, I have seen many people grow from stage to stage in life. I remember when a bunch of guys were in their 30s and 40s. They were posturing for importance. Living an upscale and hard-driving lifestyle. Now they are 60s and 70s. […]

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