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Industrial Software Now More Important Than Hardware?

[Industrial] “Software’s Where It’s At.” The blog title was intriguing. It was implied that  industrial software was increasingly more important than hardware. Then I began to look at my accumulating queue of news. There is a bunch. Here is a sampling. It appears that more innovation time and investment is going into software than hardware. […]

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Industrial Internet Of Things Source of Information

The Industrial Internet of Things is a phrase encompassing a range of technologies and applications across consumer and industrial worlds. Where there is a technology and/or new application with suppliers poised to provide the technology or application expertise, there is an organization. And the organization exists to provide information. The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), the […]

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GE, Honeywell Release IoT Products Enhancing Decision Making [Updated]

The race to be the best at providing information to aid plant personnel decision making continues unabated. Here are new products from GE Digital and Honeywell Process Systems. GE Pulse Optimizer GE Digital announced the availability of a new Brilliant Manufacturing Suite module, Plant Pulse Optimizer. Lack of plant wide visibility often results in lost […]

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OPC Foundation Elects Microsoft’s Matt Vasey to Board of Directors

Quite a deluge of press releases coming from the OPC Foundation preparing for the upcoming Hannover Messe. Microsoft was an original OPC supporter, and here a new representative from the company has joined the Board. Key to the announcement is OPC UA communication into the Microsoft Azure cloud. The OPC Foundation has elected Microsoft to […]

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Important Industrial Protocol News from OPC Foundation

I have been discussing the importance of industrial protocols to successful use of the Industrial Internet of Things. Among three news releases from the OPC Foundation is news about collaborative work between the Object Management Group (OMG) and OPC Foundation to let DDS and OPC UA play nicely in the same sandbox. This is key […]

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Industrial Merger and Acquisition

One set of questions popping up frequently over the past few years among corporate executives of industrial technology supplier companies concerns response to the Industrial Internet of Things regarding industrial merger and acquisition. Are we in the IIoT market? What acquisitions should we search out to further exploit the IIoT? Should we look at expanding […]

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Industrial Internet and Industry 4.0

Industry Reference Architectures Coming Together

Interoperability among systems spurs economic and technological growth. Two of the leading proponents of new strategies for this next Industrial Revolution that we are beginning recently met. Representatives of Plattform Industrie 4.0 and the Industrial Internet Consortium met in Zurich, Switzerland to explore the potential alignment of their two architecture efforts – respectively, the Reference […]

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Enabling The Industrial Internet of Things From The Plant Floor

Enabling Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Reliability, Scalability, and pursuing Real ROI encompass the current mantra of Fluke. Maybe you only know that company for its multimeters or infrared cameras. Well, there is much more behind the curtain. The company has focused product development on mobile solutions, wireless communications, and data. This quarter’s product releases […]

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