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Leadership Training–Just BS?

On my other blog, I write about leadership regularly on Fridays. I saw an article that came through an email newsletter that spurred some thinking. See if you relate to this. You got shipped off to some type of leadership training. Maybe it was for work. Maybe for church. Maybe for another type of organization. […]

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Automation Company Acquisitions

Acquisitions are always interesting news. They always signify something about the industry. Sometimes it’s consolidation in a mature industry. Sometimes it’s larger companies growing, adding technology, or adding talent. In today’s news, there is some of each.Remember when the robot and vision markets were thriving—especially the small SCARA robots? Those days are long over. The […]

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Building Creative Teams

Every week (almost) people who subscribe to my special email newsletter (you can do that by entering your email on the right side of the Web page) get an additional insight either on the industry or something relating to leadership. Recently I shared thoughts from Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the […]

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Manufacturing Industry Consolidation

What Does It Mean When An Industry Consolidates? For companies in the control and automation space, as well as manufacturing in general, acquisitions power growth. Rockwell Automation became a factor in process automation through a number of strategic acquisitions. Siemens fulfills its digital manufacturing vision through acquisitions. ABB, until recently, pursued a growth by acquisition […]

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Industrial Cyber Security Research Lab Opened

Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) recently held a press conference to announce it has opened the Honeywell Industrial Cyber Security Lab to advance its development and testing of new technologies and software to defend industrial facilities and operations such as refineries and manufacturing plants from cyber attacks. According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Industrial […]

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Cloud Platforms for Internet of Things

This past Monday, 3/16, Microsoft held its  Microsoft Convergence 2015 in Atlanta. There, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced the Azure IoT Suite. I think that cloud-based platforms supporting this Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon will proliferate for a while until we reach some sort of stability. Nadella came from this part of Microsoft, so I’m […]

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Digital Ecosystems Re-Shaping Markets for Manufacturing

This report from Accenture looking at technology trends that will affect manufacturing among other businesses shows how people outside of the depths of automation, manufacturing, production arena are amazed by many technologies that we take for granted. Check out the list of five trends, though. We already do some, but there are others that we […]

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