GE Software CMO John MageeI missed the GE Intelligent Platforms User Summit a couple of weeks ago. But that doesn’t mean that I didn’t get a veritable flood of information from the event.

I wrote here about a GE, Intel, Cisco partnership enabling part of the Industrial Internet vision of GE. Then I had the opportunity to interview Rich Carpenter, GE-IP CTO. Finally, there was news about opening up the Predix platform.

The summit–Making the Industrial Internet Real–attracted more than 650 attendees according to the press release. They heard executives from leading global manufacturing and industrial companies such as AkzoNobel, ConocoPhillips, and Delta Air Lines, as well as CIOs from GE’s industrial businesses: GE Transportation, GE Lighting, GE Aviation and GE Nuclear.

Industrial Internet Explained

“The Industrial Internet is all about intelligent machines, advanced analytics, and people at work, coming together to solve problems as never before,” said Brian Courtney, General Manager of GE’s Industrial Data Intelligence product group. “It’s about gathering much more data, Industrial Big Data, more efficiently and over longer periods of time, using Advanced Analytics to interpret this data in more meaningful ways. PMAS brings this to life to help customers collect, organize, and analyze equipment and process data to maximize productive output and lower operating costs, with fast payback and low risk.”

Scorcard Partnership

The company also announced that it is partnering with Webalo to mobilize business intelligence combined with operational awareness, enabled by the Industrial Internet. Proficy Scorecard, built on Webalo’s secure, scalable, high-productivity mobile app development platform, Webalo Pro Appliance, and GE’s Proficy Mobile, generates real-time views of information, from multiple data sources within the company, to provide actionable “Scorecards” for all departments in an organization.

Proficy Scorecard is enabled by GE’s Proficy Mobile solution, which allows industrial environments of all kinds to provide engineers, on their desktop or on a mobile tablet computer or smart phone, with real-time information about the state of operations. With Proficy Scorecard views in hand, engineers can then make the connection between business intelligence and operations making them more productive and efficient. And, because it is mobile, critical data helps users easily, and quickly, monitor the KPIs the business cares most about while drilling down to the operational details and making the Industrial Internet real in their company.

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