Cisco IoEThe Internet of Things (IoT) is nothing if not about connectivity. Connecting edge devices to control and information platforms is nothing new to industrial systems, but technology advances attempt to make things easier and faster to deploy.

Cisco’s connectivity products and technologies have long been at the core of enterprise networks. Cisco has also partnered with automation companies such as Rockwell Automation, Emerson Process Management, and Honeywell Process Solutions.

Cisco just announced its latest extensions to the technology. The new Cisco IoT System addresses the complexity of digitization “with an infrastructure that can manage a growing mix of endpoints, platforms and the data deluge.”

Within the new Cisco IoT System framework, Cisco introduced more than 15 new IoT products across six pillars to address the complexities of digitization and help organizations deploy, accelerate and innovate with IoT. Together, the framework supports the infrastructure growth requirements that organizations are facing with IoT by helping raise operational efficiency, create new services, and improve quality and security.

Six­Pillar Approach for Cisco IoT System

The Cisco IoT System integrates six pillars that must come together for a successful IoT solution and deployment:

  1. Network Connectivity: Includes purpose-­‐built routing, switching, and wireless products available in ruggedized and non‐ruggedized form factors.
  2. Fog Computing: Extends cloud connectivity closer to the edge to produce immediate insights and efficiently analyze and manage d Cisco predicts that 40% of IoT ­‐created data will be processed in the fog by 2018. Over 25 of Cisco’s network products are enabled with Cisco’s fog computing or edge data processing platform, IOx.
  3. Security: Connects cyber and physical security for visibility into both physical and digital assets, to increase protection and expand operational benefit Cisco’s IP surveillance portfolio and network products with TrustSec security and cloud/cyber security products allow users to monitor, detect and respond to combined IT and Operational Technology (OT) attacks. Organizations in industries such as manufacturing and energy are increasingly working to integrate proprietary   process control systems with the IP network infrastructure, which requires a multi‐layer security approach to maintain logical separation of business functions.
  4. Data Analytics: The Cisco IoT System provides an optimized infrastructure to implement analytics and harness actionable data for both the Cisco Connected Analytics Portfolio and third party analytics
  5. Management and Automation: The IoT System provides enhanced security, control and support for multiple siloed functions to deliver an easy-­‐to-­‐use system for managing an increasing volume of endpoints and applications, that field operators need an easy-­‐to-­‐use management system
  6. Application Enablement Platform: Offers a set of APIs for industries and cities, ecosystem partners and third-­‐party vendors to design, develop and deploy their own applications on the foundation of IoT System capabilities.

Over 15 new IoT products across the six pillars of the IoT System:

Network Connectivity Highlights:

IE5000: Purpose-­‐built IE switch that brings connectivity to factory-­‐level manufacturing and cities.

IW3702: Wireless access point for connected mass transit systems and city Wi-­‐Fi. IR 809, IR 829 series: Introducing 7 new industrial routers with Wi-­‐Fi and 4G/LTE connectivity, ideal for transportation or IoT application deployments.

4G/LTE module for CGR 1000 for utilities, Mobile IP Gateway (MIG-­2450) for connected rail solutions, and 5921 Embedded Services Routers for defense extend reach of industrial networking into remote environments.

Physical and Cyber Security

360° 5MP & 720p IP cameras: These high-­‐quality cameras cater to versatile environments and can host 3rd party software applications. Features include 360° view for situational awareness and audio and digital sensors.

Physical Security Analytics: Camera applications include audio detection, sensor aggregation, audio message triggers, metadata generation, local video player and video summarization.

Data Analytics

Fog Data Services: Allow operators to create policies that monitor and take actions on data flowing through the IoT environment (data-­‐in-­‐motion). It resides on the IOx platform so users can integrate custom policies with applications.

Management and Automation

IoT Field Network Director: This management software allows operators to monitor and customize IoT network infrastructure for industrial scale.

Fog Director: Allows central management of multiple applications running at the edge. This management platform gives administrators control of application settings and lifecycle, for easier access and visibility into large-­‐scale IoT deployments.


Partners support Cisco IoT System and IOx for fog computing

Cisco IoT System enables industry verticals such as manufacturing, oil & gas, utilities, transportation, public safety and smart cities to deploy and accelerate IoT solutions and realize business benefits with targeted solutions. Key industry leaders have already ported their software applications to run on the Cisco Fog Computing system, including GE (Predix), Itron (Riva), OSISoft (PI), smartFOA in Japan, Bitstew, Davra, SK Solutions, Toshiba and more.

Cisco also announced the addition of Covacsis, which is taking advantage of Cisco IOx to provide predictive analytics to manufacturing industries. Cisco also provides comprehensive consulting and professional services for IoT. Our leading networking expertise combined with our technology partners’ expertise helps accelerate transformation and ensures IT and operational technology alignment.

Rockwell Connected Enterprise SlideSujeet Chand, senior vice president and CTO, Rockwell Automation, noted, “Together with Cisco, we are helping customers derive value from the Internet of Things, by simplifying connectivity of assets on the plant floor with the rest of the enterprise and with remote experts. By focusing on the key values of the Cisco approach to IoT, our mutual customers can benefit from improved decision making that can lead to streamlined business and manufacturing processes, reduced network complexities and improved security. Rockwell Automation and Cisco take a collaborative approach to bring OT and IT together to deliver performance-­‐critical information to drive business outcomes across The Connected Enterprise.”

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