Exor HMIHere is one of those press releases that attempts to use every current buzz word. Regardless, this business partnership shows how technology suppliers are partnering in order to move to the next level of manufacturing strategy.

EXOR International S.p.A. and NEXCOM International Co. announced a technology and business partnership to “enhance their worldwide presence in the automation and IT market by developing new HMI functions to fulfill the vision of Industry 4.0. Based on close cooperation between the two companies, NEXCOM has investing in EXOR International for 19.99% of the company.”

To achieve Industry 4.0‘s vision for smart manufacturing, NEXCOM has proposed PC-based IoT Automation Solutions consisting of intelligent controllers, IoT automation gateways, and big data collectors. Under the partnership, NEXCOM expands its product portfolio to EXOR’s virtualized human machine interface (HMI), a key element to Industry 4.0, offering all-around IoT Automation Solutions. Further, EXOR will extend its presence into the Asian market and grow JMobile platform to ensure global offering.

EXOR, with headquarters in Verona, Italy, is an international HMI supplier. EXOR HMI solutions span over industrial automation with an expertise in satisfying vertical markets and embedded design solutions.

NEXCOM, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, is a leading international manufacturer of IoT Automation Solutions that offers comprehensive industrial computing solutions.

The partnership will leverage the synergy of EXOR and NEXCOM to enlarge and improve the quality of global offerings to the market, strengthen production capability, and enhance post-sales service with general maintenance and repair centers in Europe and Asia.

Co-development of new products will meet global demand of “ready-to-use products” with a stronger platform and exceptional time to market. Global service will be provided 24/7 to the needs of the market and customers.

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