Machine Tool Controls

I’m returning to my roots with machine automation for a study on machine tool controls. I’d love to trade emails or chat with any of you who have any insight into CNC, servos, and other machine control systems.

Technology News Sources

I listen to a variety of podcasts when I work out or drive around town. One of my favorites for the past few years was Tekzilla. But its parent company sold and the new company shut down everything. (Why buy?)

Well, Patrick Norton and Shannon Morse are back with a video podcast that is a quick roundup of the latest tech news and some tips to make your tech work. Going out on their own, they are self-funding TekThing through Patreon. Another interesting idea to get good content published without the overhead and grief of selling advertising. Check it out and consider contributing.

Industrial Internet of Things

ARC Advisory Group is in the midst of a survey on manufacturer/producer interest in the Industrial Internet of Things.

Similar to most other surveys I’ve seen there is a lot of wait-and-see. Its preliminary results based on a population of only 38 reveal half are watching and considering, but actually doing nothing. Another 6 have no idea what IIoT is. That leaves about a third—about 14—who are actually doing something with IIoT.

ARC IIoT Survey 1508









It is early days in the buzz word part of IIoT, but we also know that many, if not most, companies who have HART are not using the digital diagnostics part of the network. So we have a ways to go.

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