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AVnu Alliance Launches Support for Industrial Ethernet Market

Here is announcement that foretells significant impact on industrial Ethernet and potentially all the suppliers. I bet it’s also an alliance that you’ve never heard of. Think audio-visual for AV. The AVnu Alliance has launched work on an open standard for deterministic Ethernet creating capability for standard Ethernet to meet the needs of industrial market […]

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ABB joins Industrial Internet Consortium

This announcement came to me yesterday afternoon. ABB is joining the Industrial Internet Consortium. This announcement is interesting in a couple of ways. First, it reminds us that ABB is a large company that plays in the discrete (factory automation) space, as well as, power and process automation. Second, it is the first I’ve seen […]

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Automation Control Programming Studio Updated

Every Rockwell Automation software executive and product manager who talked with me at Automation Fair almost gushed over the latest and major release of Rockwell Software Studio 5000 Logix Designer v24 (with a name that long, it’d better be good). According to the press release, “Engineers have new design capabilities that can dramatically increase automation […]

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Rockwell Automation Updates Distributed Control System

Rockwell Automation now unabashedly calls its process control a Distributed Control System (DCS). For the first few years of its development of a true process control organization and product line, executives seemed reluctant to say “DCS.” No more. Every senior executive has taken a deep dive into process. In fact, Rockwell is downplaying the name […]

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Charlie Gifford’s Operations Management Book Earns Award

The International Society of Automation (ISA) Publications Department has awarded Charlie Gifford the Thomas G. Fisher Award of Excellence for a Standards-Based Reference Publication. The book, which Gifford assembled and edited, is “The MOM Chronicles: ISA-95 Best Practices Book 3.0”. I have the book and highly recommend it to all who are trying to understand […]

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