Introducing KPI Automation With a Human Touch

Introducing KPI Automation With a Human Touch

Sabisu Jidoka ScreenSabisu, a British company with collaboration platform of the same name has released what it calls Jidoka—automation with a human touch. Ben Widdowson, writing in the company blog, says, “Our solution that makes it quick and easy to identify sub-optimal process parameters and prioritise them by tangible costs. We think you’re going to love it.”

Jidoka consists of the following components, which each customer arranges and configures into their own solution:

  • Shika data persistence layer
  • Real-time, non-linear capable statistics engine
  • On-demand, embedded trending
  • Ranking engine

The focus is on oil & gas and petrochemicals, but Widdowson says Jidoka is an engine for calculating the profit/cost impact of any business KPI.

Jidoka delivers the following capabilities:

  • Defining and calculating KPIs and process variables in real-time
  • Identifying bottom-line impacting opportunities
  • Prioritising the most valuable KPIs.

Jidoka is applicable to any KPI or any process.

Controlling your process

Process variables can be navigated and manipulated much more easily than the previous version. Navigation and editing are so closely aligned that it made sense to simplify them to give a much better experience. And it’s very, very fast.

You can configure Jidoka around business initiatives, production processes or key areas of focus; it’s easy to get around and see what you need to focus your attention on. So if you spot a problem you can instantly drill down or filter to find the parts of the process that are causing the issue.

Watch the latest trends

One of the most popular features in Jidoka is real-time, on-demand trends leveraging the proprietary Shika data persistence layer. Using the technology developed for the Jidoka Ranking Widget, we’ve embedded trends directly making them even quicker and easier to use. The new upper and lower limits visualise operating envelopes and you can zoom right in to see exactly when limits have been breached.

Managing your process representation

“The new Jidoka makes it really easy to manage how you represent your process. You can add, rename or delete nodes right within the list by using the simple icons.

“We’ve improved the process of organising your process hierarchy making it much quicker and easier. Simply click on the ‘drag mode’ icon to enter edit mode and you’ll notice each variable and node has a new ‘move’ icon. You can now drag your variables from one node to another.”

Editing process variables

Teams are central to Sabisu so the platform is built around Communities. It’s easier for your team to manage process variables.

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