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ODVA Elects Leaders, Learns About Smart Factory

ODVA, the organization that develops and promotes networking protocols such as DeviceNet and EtherNet/IP, recently held its 17th Meeting. ODVA’s Board of Directors for its 18th term are: Rolf Birkhofer, managing director for process solutions at Endress+Hauser, Thomas Bürger, vice president of engineering automation systems at Bosch Rexroth, Michael Höing, executive vice-president of cross divisional […]

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Connected World Powered by the Cloud

The famous Internet of Things would be just so many useless streams of bits without a place to store them before analysis can be done. Therefore, the importance of the Cloud. Microsoft has jumped in big time with its Azure Cloud. Early last month, Microsoft held AzureCon and announced new solutions spanning containers, security, infrastructure […]

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Rockwell Automation Recognizes Manufacturing Safety Leaders

The EHS Today Safety Leadership Conference is this week in Greenville, SC. I’m there following the Safety Technology track sponsored by Rockwell Automation. I’ll have reports on information from the sessions in a later post. Rockwell used this opportunity to recognize the winners of its Safety Excellence Awards for leadership in manufacturing safety. Four organizations […]

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Cisco’s Digital Solutions and IoT-specific Security Portfolio

Cisco held a Global Editors’ Conference during which I was traveling and could not attend. However, here is news gleaned from the press releases and other sources. Cisco has been building partnerships in the industrial and manufacturing space for quite some time. Emerson partnered as part of its wireless solutions. Rockwell Automation has become a […]

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More Robots Do Not Equal Manufacturing Job Losses

The Association for Advancing Automation (A3) today published a white paper entitled “Robots Fuel the Next Wave of U.S. Productivity and Job Growth” in which data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and a wide range of manufacturing firms document how and why increasing the use of robots is associated with increased employment. Key statistics […]

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Robots, Automation, and Jobs

People keep grabbing headlines, and probably clicks, with scare stories projecting the end of life as we know it because the robots (and automation) are coming to take away all the jobs. I have written on this topic a few times: Manufacturing jobs on Labor Day Automation Jobs Non-Sequitur Promote Fair Competition Automation v Jobs […]

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SCADA or Automation?

What is going on in the area of automation? When I helped start an automation magazine some 12 years ago, the talk was about moving the discussion from control to automation. Engineers were busy automating processes, machines, systems, lines. A few years ago the conversation seemed to start moving again toward information and networking. This […]

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Business Opportunities from Industrial Internet of Things

Tim Sowell, Schneider Electric (Wonderware) vp and fellow, has been writing a weekly blog that I report on for a while now. His Operations Management Systems Evolution blog is always thoughtful and informative. Recently, I have discovered another Schneider Electric blog, this one by someone whom I do not know (I think)–Gregory Conary. Each take […]

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