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Industrial Robotics Innovation and Farewell to Security Pioneers

I interrupt this blog to say good-bye and best wishes to industrial control systems security pioneers Eric and Joann Byres. They have been through a couple of iterations of entrepreneurship and had recently sold Tofino to Belden. They are leaving that company, taking some time off, and then looking for their next adventure. I appreciate […]

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Manufacturing Lack of Cyber Security

During media interviews (more accurately mini-presentations) in November at Rockwell Automation’s media/analyst day “Automation Perspectives,” Sr. VP and CTO Sujeet Chand met with us individually along with several managers from Cisco Systems to discuss cyber security. This marks at least the third year where Chand’s role was to explain the Cisco/Rockwell relationship. I’ve been thinking […]

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New Entrant In Industrial Control Systems—A Secure One

I have seen several industrial control systems entrants into the North American market. All thought they’d knock off market-leader Rockwell Automation. Several are still around. They have build nice businesses. They have not displaced Rockwell as the dominant PLC in the market. But…Is there a vulnerability? I recently heard from Bob Honor. I’ve known him […]

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Next Generation MES Improves Performance and Mobility

Rockwell Automation product managers took me through a number of new software initiatives at Automation Fair November 19. Here is a description of the enhancements to its Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software. “Modern manufacturing requires modern MES. Manufacturers today have operations spanning time zones and continents; employees that need to collaborate as they travel between […]

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Improved Industrial Network Security

  Probably the number one response to any discussion of connected enterprise, Internet of Things, and networking at the conference I attended last week security. We are connecting all these devices, therefore we need to know we are doing all we can to assure industrial network security. Here are some new products from Belden said […]

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Critical Physical Infrastructure Interoperability Advances

Collaboration works. Engineers and IT architects have been donating time to projects that stand to decrease the time from building large critical physical infrastructure assets to the operate and maintain phase. The resulting system could benefit owner/operators of those assets to the tune of millions of dollars. Much of the work has been under the […]

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Industrial Control System Security

Patrick Coyle writing on his Chemical Facility Security blog notes a long term campaign that has been compromising industrial control system security. The following is from his blog. Check out his site. This evening the DHS ICS-CERT published an alert about a long term anti-ICS campaign that has been compromising various control systems from multiple […]

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