I received an anonymous comment to one of my Invensys posts. Normally I just delete anonymous comments and spam. I’ll let this one sit, but in no way to I want to become a Jim Pinto-style “gripe log.” Mr. “Well Informed” bemoans the end of an era for Wonderware. Yes, he/she is right. It has managed to remain rather independent in the midst of a large organization. All its competitors who sold out have been subsumed into their respective corporations. It’s sad in a way, but also a reality of business. As for greed, I’m not well-informed there. I don’t know Ulf personally. However, you work for a public company. Public companies are a) always for sale (that’s why they sell stock) and b) always out to maximize shareholder return. Years ago stockholders were upset that top managers didn’t watch the stock market closely enough, so they changed the reward system to include huge bonuses in stock–if the stock went up. I think many are re-thinking this strategy, but if you work for a public company understand the dynamics.

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