Here’s the result of the first press conference of the day (I’m simultaneously listening to second one).

Kepware Technologies announced today that it has released KEPServerEX version 5.2. New in this release are inclusion of OPC UA Client and Server, an Alarm and Event Condition option, updated drivers and enhanced Custom Interface Driver (CID).

The combination of OPC UA Client and Server interfaces, in addition to all other KEPServerEX interfaces enable it to be a “Standards Based” Tunneling solution. Tunneling solutions are a replacement for Microsoft DCOM communications in distributed OPC DA (data acquisition) applications. The company points to security inherent in OPC UA making it “an excellent choice for real-time data sharing in Automation related Real-time Business to Business (B2B) applications.”

The Alarm and Event Condition option gives the ability to monitor variables and configure conditions with which to trigger Alarm or Event messaging. Further enhancements include additional CID (Custom Interface Driver – OPC Toolkit) sample code in C#, an updated Allen Bradley ControlLogix Driver – now supports 1024 Programs and multi-byte Strings, Mettler Toledo – scale controls, IDEC Driver – expanded ranges for MicroSmart and Open models, and Modbus Ethernet – Global settings changes at runtime.

It has been selected as the device communications provider for APC by Schneider Electric. APC’s InfraStruxure Management Software portfolio provides data center managers and IT executives the ability to take a holistic view of data center physical infrastructure service quality, end-to-end energy use, facilitate short- and long-term planning, and properly forecast costs. As part of the solution, APC will use Kepware’s “IT and Infrastructure Suite” with its InfraStruxure Central platform to deliver the latest OPC interoperability standards. This capability expands the ability to manage all devices supporting the data center. The OPC offering will maintain an OPC Foundation “Certified” status.

Further, Kepware Technologies has been selected by Predator Software as its interoperability provider. Predator Software will leverage KEPServerEX client interfaces; Standards such as OPC DA, OPC AE, OPC UA and native interfaces, to achieve proven interoperability with Kepware’s array of HMI/SCADA, Historian, MES and ERP partners. Predetor is focused on shop floor control including CNC networking, machine monitoring, data collection, machine simulation and verification, tool and gage crib management and traveler management.

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