Here’s another announcement at the ARC Press Conference Marathon. Yokogawa Electric Corp. announced the release of VigilantPlan Services, a package of automation service solutions to help manufacturers achieve safe, environmentally friendly and profitable plant operations in line with the Yokogawa VigilantPlant concept.

The company reorganized its operational and consulting services business, under the VigilantPlant Services name. It includes three basic types of services: Opportunity Identification; Solution Implementation; and Lifecycle Effectiveness. Opportunity identification includes identifing new improvement possibilities and optimum solutions through free plant analysis, comparative effectiveness analysis, management seminars, master planning and leader development programs. Yokogawa provides services to help implement solutions.

Finally, Yokogawa continually maintains and reevaluates these solutions for its customers to ensure that they remain effective throughout the plant lifecycle. Yokogawa has announced at ARC’s 2010 World Industry Forum the launch of Modular Procedural Automation (MPA). “Operational knowledge and the accompanying skill sets are leaving the workplace due to retirement, and consequently the availability of good operators to run process systems is diminishing,” states Maurice Wilkins, vice president, Yokogawa IA Global Marketing Center “By applying MPA a company can preserve the knowledge of the best operator on his or her best day
every day, which enables running a process in an optimal state.”

MPA is an open and modular approach to procedures that is production centric, not bound by systems and defines the right balance between manual, prompted, and automated procedures. MPA starts with a consultative assessment of a site’s procedural needs. A recommendation will then be made as to the best platform for the customer to achieve their desired result. Prompted procedures may be implemented on any control system using Exapilot, while fully automated procedures may need Centum VP solution or a combination of both.

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