It would be amusing if it weren’t sad. I don’t follow politics closely, but I read enough to think I know where the lines are drawn these days. I think that Republicans are supposed to be againse Federal spending and Democrats are supposed to be for it. Right? I’m never sure, because a look at actual spending by President wouldn’t show that. But facts aren’t fun. I’ve heard of Republicans who voted against the “stimulus” package going home to constituents who theoretically don’t want government spending touting the stimulus and how many jobs it’ll briing to their district (state). I’m confused (and don’t try to help out, my masters degree work was in this field–why do you think I went back into manufacturing).

So, now there is a big battle between the politicians from Alabama and Washington about the never-ending conflict (and you thought the ISA100 thing was long-lasting) about who will build the new/old tanker for the US Air Force. One builder/bidder is a consortium led by a European company, although they pieced together some US companies and will build the tanker in Alabama. The other bidder is Boeing. All American (I think).

Now I get a press release from one of my US Senators opposing US money for the giant wind farm in Texas to generate lots of clean energy. No, he’s not the Republican–he’s the Democrat (we have one of each from Ohio just proving we’re bi-polar). Reason? Too much Chinese content in the windmills.

I’m getting press releases from corporate CEOs–usually never accused of being flaming liberals–either positioning the company to get as much Federal money as possible or asking the Federal government to do something to boost manufacturing. Note: The Federal government either spends money or creates regulation. Some of it is good, some is debateable. But that’s about it.

Anyway–hey, welcome to a global economy people. And, let’s not wait for the government to do something. Politicians get elected with the economy as a factor. But they really don’t have much to do with it. It’s people starting businesses, serving needs, making money. That’s what we’re here for. Boosting manufacturing, not by waiting for someone else. No one ever got rich waiting for someone else.

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