This is another good conference. Very well attended. Sessions are full and networking is in full speed. You can find our show daily coverage here.

Social media continues to increase at the Exchange. Here is the “Twitter Station” where new users sign up to Twitter and learn how to use it–especially to search on #EMRex.


As always, there is a large trade show / technology expo. Picture below. A hit feature of the Expo this year is the “Usability Experience.” This is an expansion upon the Human Centered Design idea introduced last year. In the Experience, users can give ideas (see I Have an Idea picture) about how products work, how they should, what they’d like to see in how software screens work and are presented. Then people can come through and vote for their favorites. A large monitor reflects the voting by size of dot. There’s even a game-like simulation to show the differences between maintenance trying to cover a plant and keep production up with few monitored pumps and every pump being monitored. Hint: it’s better to monitor them all.



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