Yesterday, ABB announced its purchase of Baldor. That acquisition fits exactly with its stated directions–filling out its product line strategically (in this case more on the discrete than process side of automation), extending its product line into power and energy areas (efficient motors and variable frequency drives can reduce electric consumption significantly for a manufacturer) with the added bonus of giving ABB a significant distribution and sales channel in the US. I have maintained that this is the kind of acquisition ABB would make (arguing privately that acquiring Rockwell Automation makes no sense), but I’m kicking myself for not seeing that Baldor was the perfect fit.

On another note, I’ve been on SquareSpace for about a year now and decided to look at some ways to improve the site. I’ve changed themes trying for a little clarity and simplicity of appearance. There are a few things I still want to do when I get some spare time a little later.

I used to read Embedded Systems Programming magazine cover-to-cover and loved Jack Ganssle’s columns on math. I just noticed his column on this Web site–and this is worth pondering. Is math essential for students? Some professor thinks not. You need certain amounts of math just to live economically in today’s society. But more than that, I think math is a way of thinking. It teaches you a disciplined, logical approach to thought that is essential to a successful intellectual life. What do you think?

The new-age self-help gurus are all over setting goals. It’s December, so it’s goal-setting time for the new year. Except, when it’s not. I’ve been through all those classes and lectures. I’ve come to share the outlook that Leo espouses in this essay about achieving without goals. Find your passion. Do it. Hmmm.

Michael Hyatt hit a trifecta of good posts in the last month or so. Here are some suggestions on clearing your desk, clearing your mind. Boy, do I need to do that. Why do leaders exist? Answer that in your mind, then check out his post. Something for you to focus on this coming year. Where are you most productive? Probably not in the office. I like going outside in the summer. Panera Bread. Even McDonalds. Watch the video, it’s interesting. Oh, and watch out for those M&Ms (managers and meetings) that interfere with work.

Finally, here’s a post from Garr Reynolds at Presentation Zen on education. Great presentation on the need for connection and engagement in education. Watch the video, too. Then pass this around. I agree wholeheartedly with this one. Wish it could really get propagated.

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