This year marks the 10th Rockwell Automation PSUG. Attendance at “over 800” is at an all-time high. Like the best of the genre, PSUG has an active customer advisory board that provides feedback on products and services as well as helps plan the annual gathering.

Vice President of Information Services (MES) and Process Solutions John Genovesi told the gathering that Rockwell as a corporation has surpassed $6 billion in total sales, up 24 percent from the year before. As for the process business, he just said that Rockwell’s growth is 5x the market. (Note: Invensys told me it was also growing faster than the market; wonder who is losing.)

Business leader Som Chakraborti reported that advanced software from Pavilion is being embedded into the control. In side conversations I had, it sounds as if many of the benefits from the intellectual property acquired with the Pavilion purchase are beginning to take hold. Software integration is complex, but when done yields powerful results. We’ll see where this all winds up at Rockwell.

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