I’m on the road again, but this time for family reasons. This means breakfast at the “free” buffet at a Marriott property with a TV news program dominating conversation. Caught the last couple of minutes of an interview with the lead physicist (I presume) from the team at CERN that discovered further evidence of the existence of the Higgs boson. If confirmed, this gives further support to the so-called standard theory explaining the architecture of matter.

The interview went reasonably well, conducted by a woman. It’s CNN. Don’t know any of the people. But then the guy jumps in (maybe at the prodding of the producer?) giggling and babbling like a Valley Girl making light of the whole thing and asking a couple of inane questions. Totally ruined the entire thing just in the interest of driving a good conversation down to the 3rd grade level that they presume their audience can comprehend.

Meanwhile, Phil Windley and Scott Lemon had a great conversation about the Internet of Things and some new work Lemon has done–especially with a Kickstarter project called Wovyn. This is a great area for start-ups and entrepreneurs. Perhaps moving toward the vision expressed to me years ago–“what if–we could put lots of sensors around a plant and gather much more information and then know much more about what was happening in the plant….?”

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