I just heard about this Symposium through one of the ISA Committees that I lurk on. Looks like a great opportunity for those of you who work in/with industrial communications.

The ISA Communications Division Symposium is an opportunity to meet with peers and share ideas and learn about the latest advances in all forms of industrial communications from telemetry, fieldbus, Ethernet, and wireless technologies. We will be building on the success of the two previous Passive Wireless Sensor Tag workshop by offering this full workshop as one track in the Symposia.

Paper sessions, short courses, workshops, and tutorials will all be included. Papers will be considered for publication in the ISA technical journal, ISA Transactions. Written papers will be refereed while PowerPoint submittals will be reviewed for compliance with ISA guidelines. It is our intention to publish all documents via the Division website. Topics include but are not limited to:

Passive Wireless Sensor Tag Workshop:

  • Use Cases & Lessons
  • Learned in applying
  • PWST technology
  • Emerging Trends & Products
  • Technology &Research
  • Economics
  • Sensor developments
  • RFID
  • Applications
  • Security
  • Aviation
  • Process industries
  • 1-on-1 conversations with leading developers and adopters of this technology through facilitated meetings.

Communications Division Symposium:

  • Fieldbus technologies
  • Industrial Ethernet
  • Wired & wireless
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • RFID networks
  • IEC and Standards Development
  • Best Practices
  • Design
  • Construction
  • Commissioning
  • Smart Instruments
  • Asset Management
  • Additional topics will be considered related to all facets of communications in the automation sector.

Further, ISA100 and two working groups, WG20 (CNM) and WG19 (Nuclear), are planning meetings per the attached schedule, in conjunction with the ISA Communications Division Symposium at the Melrose Hotel in Washington, DC.

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