I have been on vacation and took a break. Don’t know if it was deserved, but it was needed. This has been an eventful year for me. First, with new leadership coming to Automation World, it was time to leave. Ten years is a long time to do the same thing. Then, I started this Website. Needed to generate some income. But a consulting gig turned into employment.

MESA International

MESA International

Beginning this month, I am both running The Manufacturing Connection and also Executive Director of Applied Technology Publications. There, I am reuniting with my AW partner Glen Gudino. ATP publishes Maintenance Technology magazine and runs the MARTS conference.

We will be guiding that organization and the publication and events into filling a much needed niche that encompasses maintenance (asset availability) but also expands it by looking at the relationship of asset availability and asset utilization as they point toward the real goal of a maintained asset utility state–throughput rather than just uptime. No one takes the holistic view that I intend to bring–taking the conversation into the direction of plant performance and profitability.


MESA International is sponsoring a Webcast that is live tomorrow at 11 am EDT. “Cyber Security beyond anti-virus – How to Keep your MOM Software and Application Servers More Secure” is the title.

Securing MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) software and application servers from hackers and potential malware threats continues to be a concern. Attend this Webcast to learn steps you can take for effective security beyond just installing anti-virus software and patching systems. We will discuss techniques to protect your critical systems including application whitelisting, use of Microsoft Windows Core operating system components, limiting software and user access to least required privileges, and more.

Register here.

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