Ernest Hayden, one of the contributors to the Tofino Security blog, posted some notes on Nov. 25, 2013 about the latest Cybersecurity Framework draft from NIST–the US National Institute of Standards and Technology. If you have any interest at all in security, this is a good read.

Writes Hayden, “Regardless of where one lives in the world, we all know that our country’s national infrastructures are very important to our economies and our national defense. And with incidents like the attacks on the gas pipeline industry and the details revealed in the Madiant Report, nowhere has this point been driven home more than in the US.

So due to the growing concerns over continued cyber attacks on US national infrastructure – such as the electric grid, water systems, transportation networks, banks/financial institutions, critical manufacturing, etc. – President Obama issued Framework draft.

“A key aspect of the Framework is that it is not intended to replace an organization’s existing business or cybersecurity risk management process and cybersecurity program,” concludes Hayden. “Instead, the organization can use its current processes and leverage the Framework to identify areas to improve its cybersecurity risk management. Also, the Framework can be helpful to a company that does not have a currently existing cybersecurity program so they can build in key elements raised by the Framework.”

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