For I am doing a great work, and I cannot come down.

There was a man who lived about 2,500 years ago. His story contains intrigue, vision, persuasiveness, leadership and project management. It is a great story to set our minds on as we look at planning our new year—setting a direction for what we will be and what we will do.

In the Christian Bible the story is found in the Old Testament, which are also Jewish writings. The man was called Nehemiah. No matter what your religion or non-religion, I highly recommend reading this. We can learn the meaning of leadership from him.

The quotation comes from a response by Nehemiah to some adversaries who wanted him to leave the work and come down from the mountain to meet with them in the plains to “negotiate.”

What is your great work?

At the end of 2012/beginning of 2013 I pondered this question along with th wisdom of Dr. Henry Cloud in his book “Necessary Endings.” The same thing last year. In both cases I took a look at what was happening and decided I needed to make some changes.

There are many more opportunities today than there were when I was starting out. Opportunities can lead to inaction and inertia from the pain of deciding from among too many options. But as humans, we need movement to grow.

What will our opportunity be in 2015? What is the “One Thing” or “Great Work” that you are pursuing? What is so important that you cannot and will not be diverted?

As for me

As  for me, last year I got diverted from my goals and it caused much grief. This year, look for a new look and a new focus as I double down on this site and my strategic marketing and product development consulting business.

As for you

Decide on that and have a great and profitable 2015.

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